Banat Airport - LRCS–flight information

This airport is now in process of getting recertified. Traffic has stopped here in 2005 and is ready to be open for official traffic.

Today you can fly to us at your own risk and based on the approval of the airport administrator, which you may get if you write to:, 


You may buy whole “ VFR Guide“ from

Here is the map published in “VFR Flight Guide Romania“

You may download the old AIP Files for LRCS from here


RWY :  6 R B W T

TWY :  9 R B W T

  • PCN 6;
  • Rigid;
  • Medium strength;
  • No pressure limit;
  • Technical (through technical evaluation established)
  • Taxiways: 9/R/B/W/T


Minimum ACN for aircraft is around 9: 

  • ICAO DOC 9157-AN/901 Part 3 allows some leverage for overloads where ACN > PCN
  • default ICAO allows 5% overload
  • in some cases it allows overloads between 25 and 50% on low traffic
  • anything above 50% will be for emergency only.

Looking at the various aircraft:

  • ATR42 ACN 9 R/B/W/T max weight 15200 kg  OWE: 11350  delta 3850 kg
  • ATR72 15500 kg  OWE: 12950  delta: 2550 kg 


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Caransebes, Caras-Severin


Monday - Saturday: 8:00 - 17:00

Off work: on request as approved by airport admin (