Drone Experience

We have designed this special  “Drone Experience System” mainly for :

  • The students in our Aviation Technology College
  • Drone operators that wish to use a dedicated area in order to learn how to operate properly a drone  before going out in public
  • Constructors of drones that wish to experiment the use of their equipments and do all tests before asking for official aprovals

The “Drone Experience System“ consists of :

  • “Banat Drone Cage “  -  a closed zone of 20 m x 30m x 10m  - mainly used by children
  • “Banat  VLOS “ -  Visual Line of Sight  -   It is a corridor  along the runaway that allows a drone operator to comply with the rule of VLOS  that imposes to keep the drone within visual line of sight ( VLOS )
  • “BANAT BVLOS”  -   Beyond Visual Line of Sight -  it is a defined corridor within wich the risk of collision of drones with other objects is diminished to minimum possible

These are not commercial drone corridors but areas that allow the experimental operations of drones within certain space and time limits

Zone 1

  • Size of 20 x 30 x 10 meters
  • A safe and controlled area for testing
  • Intended for initial experiments
  • Access available to the community and the general public

Zone 2

  • Visually controlled area along the airport
  • Track 2000 x 60 meters

Zone 3

The corridor will be approximately 40 km long and will connect two cities: Lugoj and Caransebes over the river Timis


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01 Dec 2020 – 31 Mar 2021 : HX

Only on request as approved by airport admin (office@banatairport.com)