BANAT AIRPORT CARANSEBES is a dynamic airport which creates, attracts and supports aviation activity development.

The airport has made a commitment to the Banat area community to be a business generator for residents, visitors and the environment.

Our main vechicles are:

  • Banat Aviation Academy
    • Aviation Technology College
    • The Flying School
    • IATA ATC
  • Banat Air Park
  • The progressive vision of our staff & management

Love of aviation


  • 3 hangars
  • A large taxiway that may be used for parking 60 ATRs
  • Handling by RAS  www.handling.ro


Banat Aviation Academy



A bit of history

We are under pressure from the history of these places as some of most known Romanian  aviation founders were born in Banat :

Traian Vuia  ( August 17, 1872 – September 3, 1950) was a Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer who designed, built and tested the first tractor monoplane. He was the first to demonstrate that a flying machine could rise into the air by running on wheels on an ordinary road.[2] He is credited with a powered hop of 11 m (36 ft) made on March 18, 1906, and he later claimed a powered hop of 24 m (79 ft).[3][4] Though unsuccessful in sustained flight, Vuia's invention influenced Louis Blériot in designing monoplanes.[5] Later, Vuia also designed helicopters.

Vuia was born to Romanian parents Simion Popescu and Ana Vuia living in Surducul-Mic, a village in the Banat region, Austro-Hungarian Empire, today in Romania; the place is now called Traian Vuia . He is known to be the first that built a machine that flew by its own means while rolling on an undercarriage .  Vuia's machine had the capability to take off from a flat surface, without assistance at all  such as an incline, rails, or catapult.  ( cu poza a avionului Vuia din Google )

Aurel Vlaicu  (  Nov 19, 1882 – Sept 13 1919 )  was born in the village of Binţinţi (renamed Aurel Vlaicu in 1927) near Geoagiu at aprox 100 kms from our airport .  He attended a Calvinist high school in Orăştie (renamed "Liceul Aurel Vlaicu" in his honor in 1919) and took his Baccalaureate in Sibiu in 1902. He was a high school colleague of Petru Groza, and in Sibiu became friends with Octavian Goga. Vlaicu furthered his studies at Technical University of Budapest and Technische Hochschule München in Germany, earning his engineer's diploma in 1907.

On November 1, 1909 he began the construction of his first powered airplane, the A. Vlaicu Nr. I at the Army Arsenal in Bucharest with funding from the Romanian Ministry of War and on a 300 lei monthly stipend from the Minister of Public EducationA. Vlaicu Nr. I flew for the first time on June 17, 1910 over Cotroceni airfield .  ( cu poza a avionului Vlaicu din Google )


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